Our Team

Formed in early 2019, Hydron is a Formula 1 in Schools™ team from Trinity Grammar School, Kew. We are comprised of five committed students who recently competed at the Victorian State Finals, placing first overall. We invite you to join us on our journey as we aim to take on Australia at the upcoming National Finals in March.

Alexander Liu - Team Manager

The all-rounder, Alex contributes to all aspects of
the project. Whether its constructing gantt charts
or organising team meetings, he has it under control.
Alex integrates the various elements of our project to
ensure they run smoothly and adeptly.

Ben Noonan - Marketing Director

Always ready to talk, Ben is the extroverted communicator of our team. He can strike a conversation with anyone, in any situation. Ben is in charge of our team’s marketing. He contacts and talks with sponsors, writes our portfolios and manages our social media.


Andrew Yeang - Design Engineer

The central mastermind of our team; Andrew has developed a desperate fear of Low pressure zones. He works with CFD software to find even the tiniest LPZ’s hiding in the smallest areas, then destroys them with his superior CAD skills. Andrew’s role involves designing our car so that it is innovative and of course, fast.

Will Johnson - Quality Control Manager

With an eye for perfection, Will ensures that all project elements are of an excellent standard. An all-rounder, he works with both the engineering and enterprise sides of the team to ensure consistent, high quality work throughout.


Tim Crichton - Manufacturing Engineer

The fusspot of our team; Tim refuses to accept anything below perfection. Tim is responsible for the manufacturing process of our car. He sands, seals, fills, primes and paints our cars. He also builds our pit display. Tim often spends hours in the Design and Technology lab ensuring that our car is well manufactured.